Monday, January 31, 2011

Energy conversation2

1)Telling us to use CFL to save energy as we are wasting lots off energy! Bulbs like CFL are using lesser energy and have longer life-span. They are also telling us the ways how can we save energy using other methods.
2)We should all conserve energy and save the earth!
3)Yes.Although it is for kids but they have lots of attractive stuff to capture the kids. By telling kids this kind of stuff they are easier to tell their parents to buy the CFL bulbs.Not just it is cheap it is ENERGY SAVING!
4)It could be improve further by not just talking about the bulbs as bulbs are not really big in percent wastage! We could also add on like by saying About global warming! We could tell them that we should also turn off the fans when not in need or turn down the heat!Maybe you could use the fan instead of air-conditional as it is not just save of money it is also save of electricity! Best is too just open your window!


  1. Good answers and observations. Good to note that you can move beyond just about the bulbs, but also the idea of Energy Savings too!